Securely Provision

Research & Development Specialist (NCWF ID-SP-RD-001)

Conducts software and systems engineering and software systems research in order to develop new capabilities, ensuring cybersecurity is fully integrated. Conducts comprehensive technology research to evaluate potential vulnerabilities in cyberspace systems.

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Enterprise Architect (NCWF ID-SP-ARC-001)

Develops and maintains business, systems, and information processes to support enterprise mission needs; develops information technology (IT) rules and requirements that describe baseline and target architectures.

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Security Control Assessor (NCWF ID- SP-RM-002)

Conducts independent comprehensive assessments of the management, operational, and technical security controls and control enhancements employed within or inherited by an information technology (IT) system to determine the overall effectiveness of the controls (as defined in NIST SP 800-37).

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