Security Control Compliance Server

GovReady helps system integrators and small businesses programmatically generate and maintain their System Security Plan (SSP) and other compliance artifacts. GovReady guides your team step-by-step through FISMA’s NIST Risk Management Framework Authorization and Accreditation (A&A) with easy-to-use “compliance apps” that interact with user to generate policies, plans, and evidence to impress auditors.
The GovReady Dashboard gives you a shared, easy-to-digest overview of the status
of security on your website, including:

  • Contributed module update status
  • Superadmin accounts
  • Site uptime monitoring
  • The status of your domain and SSL certificate renewals
  • A manual measures checklist to be completed periodically to ensure compliance
  • A contact info matrix (“who do I contact to change my password”, etc)
  • Accounts that have not recently logged-in (and may have left your