Send Questionnaire

A questionnaire can be sent to an Assessee organization to do the assessment. So first, the link to the questionnaire has to be generated.
This link can then be shared with the Assessee organization, who in turn will enter the responses to the questionnaire.

  • Enter the name of the Assessor and the Assessee organizations in the text boxes provided. You can also select from the drop down if the entries are already present in the system.
  • Select the type of the questionnaire from the dropdown list.
  • To create the link to be sent to the Assessee, click on the Generate Link button.
  • Reset button can be used to clear the data entered.
  • Generated link will be displayed in the text area.
  • To send this link to the Assessee, copy the link or click on Copy Link button and the link will be copied to the clipboard.