Works with organization senior management, security, and corporate compliance officer to establish governance for the privacy program

  • Develop and coordinate an organization-wide privacy risk management and compliance framework and governance structure by undertaking a comprehensive review of the company’s data and privacy process and procedures for each applicable business function to ensure that they are consistent with relevant laws and regulations and the company’s privacy and data security goals and policies with organization senior management, security, and corporate compliance officer.
  • Develop, manage and assist in the implementation and maintenance of the company’s information privacy policies and procedures to ensure that business activities are consistent with them.
  • Provide leadership in the design and evaluation of privacy and security related projects so that new business activities are developed with privacy by design principles in mind.
  • Establish a mechanism to track access and retention of protected health information maintained by the company.
  • Periodically revise the privacy program to reflect changes in laws, regulatory or company policy and accreditation standards, and monitor advancements in information privacy technologies to ensure organizational adaptation and compliance, as needed.
  • Provide leadership in training materials and other communications to train employees and third parties, as appropriate, on company privacy policies, data handling practices and procedures and legal obligations
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