Serves in a leadership role for privacy compliance

Privacy officer oversees and serves a leadership role in the privacy compliance of an organization. Through maintaining and overseeing the integrity, security, and confidentiality of protected health information, all individuals associated with an organization benefit.

Compliance Monitoring and Investigation Functions:

  • Conduct related ongoing compliance monitoring activities in coordination with all covered entities, covered health care components, and personnel embedded in units with HIPAA obligations. Develop procedures, protocols, and/or measures to minimize those risks;
  • Develop and lead processes for compliance monitoring, unit’s internal routine monitoring, and breach investigations;
  • Establish, administer, and serve as the designated contact person for receiving, documenting, investigating, and taking action on HIPAA complaints;
  • Create and implement a complaint process in coordination with the Office of Internal Audit;
  • Maintain required records for complaints, breach notifications, and sanctions;
  • Once the HIPAA specific program is underway, the Privacy Officer will also focus on other institutional privacy and compliance issues beyond HIPAA.
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