Role of Software Developers in Healthcare

Today’s healthcare industry uses computers in a much more sophisticated way, and lab scientists are no longer required to analyze the data collected by computers in a research laboratory. These days, patients and doctors can log into web-based information portals to coordinate treatment plans and schedule appointments. Patients are also increasingly using mobile and wearable devices to stay on regular dosage schedules and monitor vital information such as heart rate and blood pressure.
Programming jobs in the medical field fall into two categories: research and software engineering. The work performed by computer science researchers varies depending on where they work. Researchers working in hospitals and universities are usually the ones working on cutting-edge technology that will be published in scientific journals and used by anyone who needs it. This work is mostly general and theoretical, and it isn’t intended to be used in any particular product. Funding for this research comes from government grants, so the research is made public after it’s finished.
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