Respond to reported concerns or questions related to compliance and privacy issues and provide assistance and support to all entities, as appropriate

All privacy complaints and inquiries received are reviewed by the CPO. If the inquiry or complaint is not related to the Privacy Office, it may be forwarded to the Legal department for Freedom of Information-related submissions or to the Communications and Stakeholder Relations department for general inquires and complaints to manage. The CPO maintains a file for each complaint and inquiry. The CPO documents all related communications and any resolution that is achieved.

In addition, the responsibilities of CPO include:

  • Review policies and procedures to ensure that issues identified in the complaint or inquiry have been addressed;
  • Provide education and training to personnel, third party service providers, as necessary, on any changes to policies, procedures and processes arising from the complaint or inquiry;
  • Review agreements with third party service providers for potential improvements, where applicable;
  • Work with the Vice President, Communications and Stakeholder Relations regarding changes to communications materials, as appropriate; and
  • Take disciplinary action, as appropriate

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