Research for Medical Supply Companies

Researchers working for medical supply companies are paid to develop new products that will be sold to hospitals and clinics. Their work is kept private and is patented by the company they work for. Programmers working in these areas develop medical technology such as robots, database models and medical software, and the level of education required depends on where they work. Private companies usually require a master’s in computer science degree but may hire candidates with only a bachelor’s degree in some cases. Universities usually require a PhD but may hire master’s degree holders to do research, especially if they’re PhD students of the university.
In the field of software engineering, computers in healthcare are used to connect patients with doctors and to make the job of doctors and nurses more efficient. Programmers are needed to write the software for medical equipment and for hospital administration. People with computer science skills are needed to analyze clinical data and manage healthcare IT departments. The field of healthcare informatics is growing rapidly, and employment is expected to increase twice as fast in this industry as in other occupations.
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