Identify potential areas of vulnerability and risk

Identify potential areas of vulnerability and risk and working with other departments to develop and implement corrective actions plans. CPO needs to determine and evaluate the company’s entire security chain. If even a single link is weak, the company could be vulnerable to attack. Pitfalls often occur when monitoring and oversight are not an ongoing part of a cybersecurity protocol. New threats and vulnerabilities continue to be introduced every day. To mitigate this risk, many organizations have formed a cybersecurity committee, often led by the chief privacy officer, that meets periodically with stakeholders of the infrastructure, network, and security teams, as well as relevant members of IT risk and compliance management. One primary objective of the committee is to understand the organization’s key assets, risk assessments, likelihood of threats, potential impact, and controls in place to adequately protect these assets against cybersecurity attacks. The committee also identifies the potential areas of vulnerability and risk and discusses emerging threats and relevant metrics, including the results of recent penetration tests, which test the effectiveness of security defenses through mimicking the actions of real-life attackers.

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