General Responsibilities of Software Developers/Engineers

Software engineers tend to specialize in a few areas of development, such as networks, operating systems, databases or applications, and each area requires fluency in its own set of computer languages and development environments. A small percentage of software engineers work alone, but most collaborate with other specialists in development groups all working together to create complex projects.
Responsibility overview

  • Coordinate with the Technical Director on current programming tasks
  • Collaborate with other programmers to design and implement features
  • Quickly produce well-organized, optimized and documented source code
  • Create and document software tools required by artists or other developers
  • Debug existing source code and polish feature sets
  • Contribute to technical design documentation
  • Work independently when required
  • Continuously learn and improve skills
  • Attention to detail is essential and all tasks must be carried out to the highest standard

Job Duties and Typical Work Environment
Similar to other types of software engineers, healthcare software engineers define the problem that the software needs to address, analyze users’ needs and gather requirements, including system specifications and standards. They then document each proposed solution, including flowcharts, diagrams and code samples, to assess feasibility and fit for each solution. Once the best solution is selected, they then design, test and develop software that meets the needs, goals and specifications as they are outlined in the solutions documents.
They often work closely with computer programmers, who write much of the code and sometimes take on a project management role for large software and systems implementations. They are also often responsible for managing software updates and documenting all aspects of applications and systems they develop.
Most healthcare software engineers work for computer systems design or related services firms or for software publishers that specialize in the healthcare industry. Most work in an office setting, although some may have the option to telecommute. Most software engineers work full time and a significant percentage work more than 40 hours per week on a regular basis.
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