Developing and overseeing an effective compliance training and education program

Provide training and education to employees regarding their general ethical obligations and their specific obligations to comply with Company policies and procedures and with all applicable laws and regulations. The training programs also involve educating employees on new and existing corporate policies, and on the standards and procedures applicable to their job functions. Ensure new employees receive compliance training as part of their initial training. Also, employees whose job functions involve interactions with healthcare professionals receive on-going compliance training on a routine and a periodic basis. Regularly schedule update-training and tests after the initial training to provide necessary reinforcement on compliance. To ensure that the company’s culture remains compliance-focused, management is involved in training and assessment in order to assure a consistent understanding of compliance throughout the organization. High-level personnel in the compliance and regulatory affairs departments are constantly assessing and re-assessing the training programs to ensure that any updates in the applicable laws/regulations are included and also to address any real or perceived short-comings in order to strengthen the overall effectiveness of the training programs.

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