Administrative Responsibilities

  • Develop standards and qualifications for medical personnel.
  • Approve medical practice procedures and policies.
  • Responsible for the credentialing and privileging of the medical staff; serves as the chair of the Credentialing Committee.
  • Keep abreast of FTCA regulations and advises management team on necessary changes.
  • Complete the Health Care Plan for the annual PHC grant, establishing goals and criteria for the projects.
  • Provide clinical guidance and regularly reports on clinical activities at the Board of Director’s meetings.
  • Review clinical and patient care contracts for services provided to or by PHC.
  • Perform periodic review of practice management functions.
  • Serve as a liaison between medical staff and administration.
  • Represent PHC at local medical societies, hospitals, professional organizations, groups and agencies.
  • Advise on schedules of fees (and related discounts for services to patients, as appropriate) to be charged for professional services rendered by PHC medical providers.
  • Participate in conjunction with the management team, in the overall budget planning and monitoring process; review the formulation and evaluation of project goals and budgets.
  • Attend designated PHC meetings; represent PHC at local, state and federal level.
  • Review and must be familiar with grant programs and UDS reports.

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