Here is a checklist on how to use the network switches, ports and connected devices in order to safeguard them from vulnerabilities and threats.

Checklist Threat
Make sure if authentication password is enabled to access the switch. Unauthorized person can access.
Make sure default password for the switch is changed and it is strong. Unauthorized person can access.
Make sure only authorized people are having access to the switch Unauthorized person can access.
Make sure the firmware is updated and the latest stable version. Vulnerability to security issues
Make sure that the switch is physically secure and tightly coupled to the rack. Physical damage.
Check and make sure no unwanted network services are running in the switch. Unwanted services can cause the ports to stay open and can cause vulnerability.
Make sure unused switch ports are disabled and assigned a VLAN number which is not in use Unauthorized person can access.
Make sure switches are using access control lists to limit the remote access subnets. Unauthorized access.
Make sure logging is enabled for error detection Unable to find out an attack details
Make sure IOS of switch is latest stable version Vulnerability to security issues