Two-Factor Authentication Gains Steam for Prescriptions, Patients and Clinicians

Biometric authentication helps to secure systems and improve workflow. The password isnt yet dead, but as healthcare breaches continue to grow and cybersecurity continues to weigh in as a major concern for providers everywhere, new forms of authentication are beginning to rise up, including two-factor authentication methods that often make use of biometrics.In fact, according to IBMs Future of Identity Study for younger generations, the use of biometrics is even less daunting than the use of passwords, with 75 percent of millennials reporting they are already comfortable using biometrics, but less than half report they are using complex passwords, and more than 40 percent are reusing old passwords.Meanwhile, 67 percent of respondents say they are comfortable using biometric authentication, and even more are ready to grow into them, with 87 percent of respondents noting theyll be comfortable with these technologies in the near future.