Report: Remote Access Is No. 1 Healthcare Tech Hazard

ECRI’s annual list defines the top health technology hazards that warrant “priority attention” by healthcare leaders, the organization says.”The list does not enumerate the most frequently reported problems or the ones associated with the most severe consequences – although we do consider such information in our analysis,” ECRI’s 2019 Top 10 Health Technology Hazards report notes. “Rather, the list reflects our judgment about which risks should receive priority now.”ECRI is recognizing that cyber threats are a growing concern that needs to be addressed, says Mark Johnson, healthcare security practice lead at consultancy LBMC Information Systems.”Healthcare needs a quantum leap forward in its resilience to cyberattacks. However, we won’t get there unless we change the attitude of what healthcare cybersecurity is all about. It’s about cyber not compliance,” says Johnson, former CISO at Vanderbilt University and Medical Center.