Minnesota ransomware attack shows the right way to handle breach response

While only about 6,500 patients were impacted by a cyberattack on Associates in Psychiatry and Psychology in March, the provider’s transparency in its breach notification is a valuable example for other organizations. Minnesota-based Associates in Psychiatry and Psychology is notifying 6,546 of its patients that their data may have been breached after a ransomware attack hit the provider in March.Hackers breached APP’s servers somewhere between the evening of March 30 and the morning of March 31. Officials said the all of the data files on its main servers were locked down with a RSA2048 encryption protocol, and the hackers disabled the system restore function on all impacted computers.Not only that, but the virus reformatted the network storage device where local backups were contained. Hackers left a ransom note and used “Triple-M” crypto-ransomware, with the sole objective of getting victims to pay a ransom.After discovery, the servers were taken offline for four days to assess the situation and restore computers to the previous state. Officials said they continued to scan for viruses, updated security and contacted the FBI directly afterward.

Source: http://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/minnesota-ransomware-attack-shows-right-way-handle-breach-response