Making cyber crises less terrifying

Youve all seen patients who either dont know or forget to mention relevant family history but still expect the doctor to effectively diagnose them.The same is true when youre in the thick of a crisis, speculation and facts are coming at you a mile a minute, and you have no clue what to do. You need all your information at your fingertips, and you need your best team at your side. No time for hesitation. No room for error.Being prepared is preventive medicine. But be selective.You dont have the time or money to invest in a plan that comes in thick three-ring binders. They pretend to be comprehensive but are usually ineffective. No one reads them. They sit on shelves, gather dust and get outdated. They cant imagine every possible contingency.Better to invest your time, effort and expense in a concise plan that provides general guidance that lets everyone know the roles theyll play, whos authorized to speak, and how to stay on top of a tense, fast-breaking situation. If you dont control it, it will control you.Understand these simple concepts, and defusing a crisis seems less terrifying.Start now. You never know when the unexpected will occur.