How to flip a cybersecurity event into building more resources, tech talent

Security experts share insights about crafting lessons learned plans to obtain more resources and one critical mistake to avoid. Security teams will never have upper managements attention as powerfully as they do in the wake of a data breach. But they have to act quickly.Wait three months and the breach is over: Its been reported, top executives have moved on, and the opportunity to get needed resources will be lost.Never let a good crisis go to waste, said Dan Costantino, CISO at Penn Medicine. Theres a small amount of time when you have the opportunity to use the security event to make a change.Whether that means advancing your security strategy with a bigger budget, hiring more talent or deploying new technologies, the hours, days and weeks after an incident are a teaching moment, added Theresa Payton, CEO of security firm Fortalice Solutions and former White House CIO.Both Costantino and Payton will be speaking at at the upcoming HIMSS Healthcare Security Forum in Boston, scheduled for Oct. 15-16, 2018.