Focus on Cybersecurity: 3 charts take a pulse of infosec today

New HIMSS Media research outlines hospitals top security concerns, ranks ways theyre addressing the problem and pinpoints who builds strategy and policy. Cybersecurity concerns are the stuff of healthcare nightmares. Data breaches, leaked records, patients harmed or worse lax data protection are more than enough to wake infosec teams at night. Then, there are the big federal fines and legal expenses to take into account.The consequences these threats hold are among the reasons were focusing on cybersecurity during October. HIMSS Media research, in fact, surveyed 180 qualified professionals in healthcare provider and non-provider settings organizations among IT management and staff and clinical and business roles to determine their greatest security concerns, the most common ways theyre addressing the issue and just who is making these decisions on strategy and crafting internal policies.Heres what we found out.