Cybersecurity: Innovating staff buy-in and avoiding silver bullet tools

Hackers are constantly innovating attack methods and organizations need to follow suit, by following trends and choosing cybersecurity tools that fit their business needs. The healthcare security landscape is always in flux. From ransomware to phishing attacks, hackers have continued to target the sector at a steady pace over the last few years. While the attack vectors may shift, the fact remains security must continue to develop and innovate to keep pace with hackers.A report from security firm SentinelOne saw less ransomware attacks in 2018 than reported the year prior, while fileless attacks have increased by 94 percent. However, with three major ransomware breaches reported over the summer, its yet to be seen whether reporting is down — or the use of the malware.Not only that but, according to Symantec, 10 percent more organizations reported a breach in 2017 than the previous year.The threat environment — the vectors, the types of attacks, the sources, the actors — are always changing, said David Finn, CynergisTek executive vice president of strategic innovation. You have to keep an eye on the threats and where they are headed, the trends, movements, developments.