Breach of Obamacare Site Spilled Sensitive Data

In its Oct. 19 statement, which was scant on details, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Systems – the unit of the Department of Health and Human Services that administers the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare – acknowledged that data on 75,000 individuals was exposed. Now, in a notification letter dated Nov. 7 that’s hidden on the website, HHS is describing that data (see: Obamacare System Breach Affects 75,000).” includes a way for licensed insurance agents and brokers to search for consumers who have an application stored on This allows agents and brokers to help some consumers update their applications if any information changes,” the letter notes.”On October 16, 2018, we found that a number of agent and broker accounts engaged in excessive searching for consumers, and through those searches, had access to the personal information of people who are listed on Marketplace applications,” the letter states. “We immediately shut off these agent and broker accounts, and also shut off the entire agent and broker function while changes were made to improve security.”