2018 HIPAA Compliance: How to Keep Your ePHI Protected

Patients have more control over their health records than ever, but what does that mean for traditional PHI security? There has been quite a fuss lately over offering patients greater access to their health records, particularly with the introduction of Apples EHR app, which promises to bring electronic health records into patients pockets and introduce the era of bring-your-own-data in healthcare. But often that desire to bring patients into the fold gets quashed by a fear of cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance around health information.Recently, for instance, a man was stopped from taking a photo of his own X-ray when a radiologist feared it might violate HIPAA regulations, which kicked off a discussion of similar incidents on Twitter. These incidents arise mainly because providers simply dont understand the ramifications of HIPAA and other health IT laws and where to draw the line with access.

Source: https://healthtechmagazine.net/article/2018/07/2018-hipaa-compliance-how-keep-your-ephi-protected-perfcon