What Can You Do About Social Engineering and Spear Phishing?

Expert centerCategory: CybersecurityWhat Can You Do About Social Engineering and Spear Phishing?
Anna Susan Staff asked 5 years ago
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Arun K R Staff answered 5 years ago

Phishing training helps protect organizations against less than one-third of spear phishing and social engineering attacks. An automated solution that proactively protects employees from falling for these scams is needed to fill the cyber defense gap. Graphus has developed a solution for G Suite users that automatically eliminates 99% of social engineering and spear phishing attacks before your employees click on links or reply to nefarious emails that look all too legitimate. The solution identifies trusted relationships between users by applying graph theory, machine learning and big data algorithms. There is a lot of talk today about machine learning and this is a practical application that can be applied to protect companies today.

Graphus can be activated by G Suite users in about a minutes and immediately start protecting your employees from social engineering and spear phishing delivered through Gmail. G Suite security does provides some protection, but not enough.

Source: https://www.graphus.ai/social-engineering-likely-cause-of-yahoo-hack/