What are the elements of Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)?

Expert centerCategory: HIPAAWhat are the elements of Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)?
Arun K R Staff asked 5 years ago
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Renjisha Staff answered 5 years ago

If you are a Covered Entity (CE), you must provide your patients with a notice of your privacy practices. Your notice must contain certain elements, including:

  • Description of how your practice may use or disclose (share) an individual’s PHI
  • Specification of individuals’ rights, including the right to complain to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and to your practice if they believe their privacy rights have been violated (many of these rights are described below)
  • Details of your practice’s duties to protect privacy, provide an NPP, and abide by the terms of the notice

Source: https://www.healthit.gov/sites/default/files/pdf/privacy/privacy-and-security-guide.pdf