What are the responsibilities of the HIPAA Privacy Officer?

Expert centerCategory: HIPAAWhat are the responsibilities of the HIPAA Privacy Officer?
Stephy T L Staff asked 5 years ago
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Hazeef Staff answered 5 years ago
  • Take primary responsibility in the identification, implementation, and maintenance of organization data privacy policies and procedures in coordination with organization top officials, the Privacy Oversight Committee, and legal counsel.
  • Serves a headship title for the activities of Privacy Oversight Committee.
  • Monitor ongoing complaints.
  • Ensure the organization retains proper privacy consent, authorization forms and stuffs reflecting legal practices and requirements and coordinate these activities with legal counsel and his/her immediate supervisor.
  • Ensure privacy training and orientation to all human resources and relevant business associates.
  • Ensure all privacy issues, needs and responsibilities are addressed when development, execution and continuing compliance monitoring of the agreements of business associate.
  • Ensure the patient’s right to examine, amend and limit access to protected health information when needed.
  • Organize a process for acquiring, recording, tracking, inspecting and taking action on complaints regarding the organization’s privacy policies and strategies in collaboration similar functions and legal counsel if necessary.
  • Analyze security plans of system related information of entire network of organization to ensure the alignment between security and privacy practices.
  • Works with all personnel engaged with any aspect of release of protected data.
  • Must have updated knowledge of applicable federal and state privacy laws and
  • Accreditation standards and information privacy technologies.
  • Work jointly with U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s Office of Civil
  • Rights, other legal entities, and organization officers in case of any compliance reviews or investigations.