How to amend patient information under HIPAA?

Expert centerCategory: HIPAAHow to amend patient information under HIPAA?
Prathitha Biju Staff asked 6 years ago
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Shahid Shah Staff answered 6 years ago

Patients have the right to request that your practice amend their PHI in a designated record set, under the HIPAA Rules. Generally, a covered entity must honor the request unless it has determined that the information is true and complete. The covered entity must act on an individual’s request for an amendment no later than 60 days after the receipt of the request. If you accept an amendment request, your practice must make the appropriate amendment by identifying the records in the designated record set that are affected by the amendment and providing a link to the location of the amendment. If you decline the request, additional requirements, including the patient’s right to file a statement of disagreement that stays with the health record, apply.