Create CVE Questionnaire

Customized questionnaires based on CVEs can be easily created. One or more CVEs can be included in a single questionnaire. And for each CVE, what questions to be included can be easily selected from the given options.

  • Questionnaire name is mandatory. This is used when listing questionnaires.
  • The Description field can be used to provide some detail description. It will be shown on the top of the questionnaire.
  • Multiple CVE rows can be added by clicking ‘Add More’ button. CVE name and at least one of the options is mandatory for each row.
  • Each CVE row is shown in the questionnaire as a block with the selected options.
  • The ‘Preview Questionnaire’ button provides a preview of how the questionnaire will look for the end user.
  • The ‘Exit Preview’ button closes the preview and shows the CVE form from where you chose to see the preview.
  • The ‘Save Questionnaire’ button saves the above selected CVE rows as a custom CVE questionnaire.
  • The ‘Available CVE Questionnaire’ table list all the available CVE questionnaires in an account.