They All Ask for a Risk Assessment : Have You Completed Yours This Year?

Yes, they all ask for a risk assessment. If you, as a healthcare covered entity or a healthcare business associate, ever get audited by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), or if you have already had the pleasure of being audited, you will know that one of the first things OCR will ask you for is a documented risk assessment or risk analysis (these terms are used interchangeably in this post).

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Physical Risks in Medical Practice and Their Mitigation

In the event of an emergency, a well defined contingency plan helps the team to allow for data restoration in addition to providing physical security. A contingency plan is usually used when there is an emergency, for example when there is an outage. During the crisis it is important that the doctors still have access to ePHI so that the quality of care is not compromised.

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Understanding Administrative Risks in Medical Practice

The security of your practice’s ePHI might be at risk if your workforce members don’t comply with the standard security protocols, either due to the lack of awareness or due to the lack of training. Several factors that may contribute to such behavior may include:

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