January 25-26, 2018
Starting at 8:00 AM onwards

Best Western Plus Hotel & Conference Center,
Baltimore, MD

Healthcare providers and medical device companies are currently facing ever growing financial, legal, operational, and patient safety challenges as a result of cybersecurity threats. Malware attacks are evolving and becoming more sophisticated, while preventable privacy breaches are becoming more common in all industries across the globe. The fall in the black market price of stolen data along with improvements in “Black Hat” customer service implies we are facing a mature, evolving, and resilient enemy.

As connections grow and devices move out of the hospital into patients’ homes and to geographically distributed providers, new threats, new vulnerabilities, attack surfaces, and hazards are created that go far beyond the typical concerns of stand-alone components.

The Summit will bring together healthcare, medical device, and security experts to offer a unique complete end-to-end perspective on the cybersecurity environment – from the economics and motivations of ransomware authors to the needs of the patient.

The Summit will offer practical solutions to many of the daunting security challenges facing medical device and connected health technology companies, healthcare providers, payers and patients. Topics to be covered include:

  • Applying artificial intelligence to secure medical devices, Chuck Parker, Global Healthcare Lead, Beyond Limits
  • Exposition of the Dark Web’s ecosystem and its implications by Ron Williams, Chief Architect, IBM Security Systems
  • Medsec vs. St. Jude medical: implantable devices, vulnerabilities, and the law by Matthew Green, PhD, John Hopkins University
  • Building layers of security for IOT and embedded medical devices by Eric Jones, CEO, Jacobian Engineering, Inc.
  • On the fly contextual security risk management by Shankar Somasundaram, CEO, Asimily
  • Innovations in secure IoT medical device application support, by David Hoglund, Founder & CEO, Integra Systems
  • Third party risk management for medical devices by Shahid Shah, CEO, Netspective Communications
  • Live demo of a medical device replica hack by Mike Kijewski, CEO of MedCrypt
  • Live demos of exploits against biomedical devices, including patient monitors by Josh Domangue and Kevin Thomas of Independent Security Evaluators
  • Susan Ramonat, CEO of Spiritus Partners, will present on how blockchain technology can be used to secure connected medical devices
  • Joseph Ternullo, president of the Society for Participatory Medicine, will close the Summit with a panel of patient advocates and connected health experts
  • Drew Ogle, Team Lead at Independent Security Evaluators, the security research organization behind the seminal study Hacking Hospitals, will lead a four hour interactive optional post-Summit workshop, covering topics such as threat modeling, secure design principles and exploit demos

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