Data Breaches

Email Security: What It Is, How to Improve It

No matter if it’s private communication or business, your emails contain practically all the information there is to know about you. From your emails, anyone can learn about your work, our relationships, our vacations, and our medical problems. Someone in control of your email account could impersonate you and scam your friends and business partners,

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How to reduce your fear of cybercrime, and protect yourself

When it comes to crime, Americans fear the invisible cybercrook far more than they do the crook who’s in plain sight. In a survey commissioned by, 46 percent of adults in the U.S. said having their identity stolen would be worse than having their home broken into. Just 27 percent said a home break-in would

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5 Common Causes for Data Breaches in Healthcare

The healthcare industry has had 955 major security breaches over the last three years, according to a recent study, and the number has been steadily increasing. A total of 135,060,443 healthcare records were exposed or stolen over that three-year period, affecting 41 percent of the U.S. population. This isn’t typical, either. Of all large data

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