How to reduce your fear of cybercrime, and protect yourself

When it comes to crime, Americans fear the invisible cybercrook far more than they do the crook who’s in plain sight. In a survey commissioned by, 46 percent of adults in the U.S. said having their identity stolen would be worse than having their home broken into. Just 27 percent said a home break-in would

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More Medical Practices Are Using Tablets: How to Make Sure They’re Secure

Due to technological advances, it’s no longer as common as it once was to see medical professionals scribbling content on patient charts. Instead, they’re increasingly likely to tap their fingertips on tablet screens to enter necessary data. Half of Surveyed Doctors Use Tablets in Their Professions Kantar Media regularly tracks tablet usage in the medical

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Physician Texting Apps and Their Challenges to Cybersecurity

Data is essential in modern health care. The more information a physician has, the better they can treat a patient. As a result, physician texting apps are becoming something many patients want. However, such apps can potentially cause cybersecurity problems for health care practices. The health care field is presently weighing the benefits of physician

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